Monday, December 29, 2008

The Best of 2008!

While laying awake in bed for HOURS last night while my mind wandered aimlessly preventing me from any sleep (you know those nights) I happened upon an idea. Here goes: I am about to compile a list of the top 10 recipes of 2008. In no means is this an accurate list. Seeing that I haven't tried every recipe on this site I can't guarantee that there aren't some better than the ones I am about to list off. However, in our family, these are our top recipes this year. The food we make again and again because it is SOO darn good. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to add/list your favorites as well. Whether it be in the comments or you just FINALLY post that recipe you are always craving. Happy New Year!

Robbie's Sweet Pork and Rice Recipe (Cafe Rio - Copy Kat)
The rest of these recipes are in no particular order, except for this one. By a landslide this is THE NUMBER ONE RECIPE OF 2008! Not saying the rest aren't spectacular, because they are... but GOOD CRAP this is FANTASTIC!! Many, many, many thanks to Gwen, who posted this recipe, and Robbie, who shared it. There are many, a many, happy families due to your generosity. I love all the other recipes I am about to post, but this is the only one I will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner 4 days in a row until it is all gone and still not be sick of it. Thank you, thank you. If you haven't tried it yet better put it in your new years resolutions for 2009! ;)

Truck stop Buttermilk Pancakes
We are talking AT LEAST once a week people. I was never huge on pancakes until I found this recipe. They are perfect. They also adapt well to become chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes.

Sticky Fingers
Can we just say YUM! Double YUM! Triple YUM!!

Potato Corn Chowder
We played around with this one just a little, tweaked it to our liking, and now it is a definite favorite. (Don't get me wrong, it was excellent before, now it's just extra excellent - tailored specifically for our family's taste.)

Roast Sticky Chicken - Rotisserie Style
If you are looking for the perfect roast chicken recipe, this is it. It comes out BEYOND DELICIOUS every time. It takes a little planning (with a long marinating and cooking time) but it couldn't be simple. It is the perfect Sunday dinner recipe.

Mandarin Chicken
It has been the year of Chinese food in our house. We have come upon some very, very yummy recipes. This is a no fail, simple, oh so delicious recipe that is always present on Chinese food nights at our house. A staple for your kitchen repertoire.

Caramel Apple Dip
How did we eat apples before we discovered this dip??? I'm not quite sure.

Cream Cheese Chicken
Technically this is a 2007 recipe. Don't hate me, it's delicious and easy. This one came from a couple different sources, all of whom I love dearly.

Crockpot Spaghetti
Some of our best recipes are located WAY back in the 2007 archives. Don't be haters. They are at the beginning because they were the first recipes, the very best recipes (everyone wants to share their best ones first right?) I urge you to take a look back. You will be rewarded. By the way, once you make this spaghetti sauce, you never go back. You've been warned.

Roast Chicken Green Chile Nachos
Almost the first recipe EVER posted here on little piggy food. You know what they say.... "first the best!" A little warning: this is WAY TOO ADDICTIVE for it's own good. You will have every teenage boy within a 10 mile radius willingly babysitting all your children for hours on end just to get a taste of this. And, your neighbors will be willing to risk a felony, just to sneak in your house and steal it out of your fridge. Seriously, that good.

Check out these other great ones (I've run out of time...sorry because I know I've forgotten quite a few of my favorites...maybe later):

CPK Barbeque Chicken Pizza
Mongolian Beef
Mini Meatball Subs
White Chicken Chili
Candied Chicken Breasts
Poppy Seed Chicken
Best Salsa Bean Dip
Oh, and then there is this KILLER Egg roll recipe I have...I just have to make a phone call... (don't laugh, people who know what I am talking about)

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