Monday, September 21, 2009

Jandee's Baking Powder Pie Crust

photo by me

I regularly make pies several times a month and over the years have tried countless pie crust recipes. Typically I end up using this one, which is pretty basic and shapes really easily; however, my husband is not the biggest fan of the texture of regular pie crust so I went in search yet again for another recipe he might like better. Finally I hit upon this one, which is an invention of my own inspired by three different recipes. It has a more "bready" texture and I find that I cannot get the curls in the edges to shape as nicely as my regular recipe, but what you give up in aesthetics you definitely get back in taste/texture. My husband has declared this his favorite crust and now whenever I make a pie he begs and pleads for this recipe:

3 cups flour
1 t salt
2 t baking powder
8-14 T ice water
1 T sugar
1 cup shortening
  1. Mix dry ingredients
  2. Reserve 1/2 cup of dry mixture and mix with ice water to make paste
  3. cut shortening into remaining dry
  4. blend paste with shortening mixture
  5. chill for 30 minutes
This yields enough crust for two nice size pies (top & bottom crust).

Tips for this recipe: When deciding how much water to use the altitude & humidity of your location is the number one factor. I like to make the paste pretty runny before I add it to the rest of the dry ingredients and since I live in a high arid place I am always closer to the top of the water requirements in the recipe. One thing that I have found really helpful is to roll out the crust in between two sheets of wax paper, this is nice because you don't have to use more flour, which can make your crust more dry.

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