Thursday, November 19, 2009

Drumsticks (Ice cream)

A friend posted this fun idea awhile back.

12 waffle cones
1 Bottle Magic Shell Chocolate
Ice Cream
empty egg carton
wax paper

Poke holes in bottom of egg carton and put the cones in. Holds them up really well.

Shake the Magic Shell really well. Pour Magic Shell into each cone and swirl around to coat entire cone. Put them into the freezer to harden up, and remove ice cream to soften.

This is a good time to cut the wax paper. You'll have to play around with it a bit to get the size and shape you want. Click the link below to get pics of the final product and you'll get the idea. You'll also want to chop the nuts now.

Wrap each cone with the wax paper and tape it. You should have 2 inches of paper above the cones. Now fill them up with ice cream, and then back into the freezer to harden up some more.

When the ice cream is firm again, use a straw to make a good sized hole in the center of each cone. Drizzle more magic shell (or caramel if you'd like) into the hole. Back into the freezer again.

Once the ice cream is nice and hard again, add magic shell to the top of each and immediately sprinkle nuts on. Back into the freezer until you're ready to enjoy!

This did take quite a long time, and I got nice and sticky. But the outcome was yummy, and Bailee loved helping.

Here's the LINK to the blog with step by step pictures.

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