Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chile Enchiladas

I was taught this recipe by one of my girlfriends that I meet while away at college. Jasmine told me this was her "comfort food" that reminded her of home. **Nothing is measured** So if you go to make this and have any questions just give me a call and I'll be happy to help!

1 bag of dried Chile Pods (found in the "mexican" isle)
1 container of Queso Fresco (found in the dairy section)
olive oil
corn tortillas
finely chopped onions (optional)

Take your Chile Pods and place them in a pot of boiling water, just until soft. Once the pods are soft remove them from the water but do not empty the water from the pan. Once pods have cooled a little cut them in half and scrap out the inside into a blender. Add a little bit of the chile water into the blender to make a thick sauce. Now the fun part....In a nonstick pan add a couple of tablespoons of the chile sauce and a little olive oil to a hot pan. This will become the light coating that you will need to use to soften your tortillas, cooking them on either side just until pliable. Take your Queso Fresco and crumble it into a bowl adding the chopped onions if desired. Once the tortillas are softened quickly fill them with the Queso Fresco mixture, roll and place seam side down into a 8x8 casserole (or larger) dish that has been sprayed and had a little of the chile mixture pored into the bottom. Continue the process until all tortillas and cheese mixture is gone. Poor remaining chile sauce over top, careful not to drown the enchiladas and bake 350* until heated completely.

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Brandon and Brittany said...

Thanks Gina. I'll be sure to make these.