Thursday, August 16, 2007

Freezer Recipes

So I'm not actually posting any recipes, but I thought I would pass along some great info that I just came across. A friend of mine teaches a class at Thanksgiving Point on freezing meals. She has a cookbook for sale with all of her recipes and ideas and tips in it. She does everything from freezing casseroles to freezing whole meals seperately to make dinner prep fast and easy. I love the idea of freezing things because you can buy in bulk (which is usually cheaper), spend one day making big batches of food, and then just pull out small quantities at a time to cook, saving yourself money and lots of time on cooking!
So, if you are interested in her ideas and recipes you can e-mail her at
She has so many good recipes that can be cooked right away, but that all freeze really well. There are lots of breakfast ideas, dinner ideas, and a lot of yummy desserts (like ice cream cakes!) that all sound so good and can be frozen, making life so much easier!!! This is definitely the type of cooking that I like!!!

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