Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Olice Garden Toscana Soup

This is such a yummy soup! The best part of all is that it is super quick and easy.

3/4 cup Onion diced

1 slice of Bacon chopped

1 1/4 teaspoons minced Garlic

1 ounce Chicken Bouillon

1 quart of Water

2 medium Potatoes cut in 1/2 length wise and sliced 1/4 wedges

1 1/2 cups of Italian Sausage precooked, cut 1/2 length wise and then sliced on a diagonal

2 cups Cavallo greens (Kale) cut in half and then into 1/16 in strips

3/4 cup Whipping Cream

Pre-heat oven to 300* and place sausage on cookie sheet to cook for 15-20 or until it is done. In the mean time place bacon, onions in a stew pot and cook until onions are almost clear, at this point add the garlic and cook for an additional minute. Add the water, chicken bullion, and potatoes, bringing it to a simmer for 15 minutes. While it is simmering cut the sausage and incorporate it into the soup. Lastly add the greens and cream. Serve and Eat!

I personally use more bacon because I love the added flavor that it gives as well as hot sausage. My mom prefers to use hot and mild italian sausage.

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Brandon and Brittany said...

We have to agree with Gina, this is one of our favorite soups! I personally can't wait until fall/winter so I can make soup everyday!! So yummy and very easy.