Monday, April 28, 2008

Game Day Burgers

I got this recipe from my allrecipes cookbook. (you can also go to So yummy. SO HUGE!! Not even kidding. Because these are a "stuffed" burger, meaning there is cheese and other yummy delights inside, the finished product ends up being a 4 in wide 1 1/2 in tall hamburger. WOW. Fun times, these have mushrooms in them, my husband had no idea. (by the way, this is only HALF of a hamburger...yeah, they were HUGE)

2 lbs ground beef
2 (1 oz) pkg dry onion soup mix (I only had dry french onion, go figure, tasted great. I'm not sure what the difference would be.)
1 large potato, peeled and shredded
1 cup shredded swiss cheese
1 cup diced fresh mushrooms (I used canned)

Combine beef and onion soup mix.
In a separate bowl, mix together potato, swiss, and mushrooms.
Form 6 large patties*. Make a pocket in each and stuff with filling mixture. Seal back up.
Cook 5 minutes on each side or until burgers are no longer pink.

*We halved this recipe and it still made 4 excessively large hamburgers. Also, I divided the meat into 8 equal portions and then made 8 really skinny hamburgers. Pilled the filling on half of them, topped each with another patty and then sealed the edges. (So I made a hamburger sandwich)

P.S. We found these easier to eat with a knife and fork.

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Aubrey said...

Um, these look pretty amazing! I'm REALLY hungry now!!