Friday, June 1, 2007

Tip of the week: May 28-June 3

Hi, as the food blog is new, let me explain what this post is. Every week, I, or one of my little piggies, will post a cooking tip for the week. Whether it be general cooking technique info or just things they have found make cooking and preparing meals better or easier for them. All of our tips will be found in the category to the left entitled Tips of the Weeks (clever, I know)
So, here goes this week's tip, hailing you from Rachel Ray herself:
Use a garbage bowl. For messy (and I mean messy) cooks like myself this is a lifesaver, as well as a time saver. For those of you not familiar with Rachel Ray, this is the concept. Put a big empty bowl on your table before you begin making your meal. As you chop things, open cans, etc. place all the rubbish in the garbage bowl, as opposed to walking back and forth to the trash can or just setting it on the table. This saves a load of time and mess. When your done, just dump the contents of the garbage bowl in the actual garbage and rinse out your bowl. Hope you try this little tip, I really like it. - Brittany

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